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Parking Districts Redux

CORVALLIS – So I’ll admit I’m a bit surprised at how handily Measure 02-88 was voted down in districts near OSU.  In Ward 5, one of the areas most impacted by … Continue reading

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Vote “No” on parking districts

CORVALLIS – A Facebook friend recently asked her peeps what they thought of Measure 02-88, which proposes new parking districts for the neighborhoods around campus.  She doesn’t live in the … Continue reading

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Dear Neighbor

CORVALLIS – The school term hadn’t even started and already I’d been woken up.  Three times.  In one week.  After midnight.  I’m telling you, it’s getting old.  It’s getting to … Continue reading

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OSU Records Request Denied

CORVALLIS – In an editorial last week the Gazette-Times touched on the gradual erosion of our laws regarding open meetings and public records. Once “among the strongest in the nation,” … Continue reading

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Mismanagement and overreaction nothing new at OSU

CORVALLIS – It wasn’t surprising for me to read of the predicament Kate Willson, the student media advisor at OSU, finds herself.  The university has long stymied efforts to fully utilize … Continue reading

December 31, 2013 · 2 Comments