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Nobody Writes Me Letters

Dear Abby, Ann Landers, Carolyn Hax, Miss Manners and Dan Savage.  Hmm, which one doesn’t belong?

I jest.  We know.  Dan writes about a different sort of relationship, and he fills a void, so to speak.  The others are all women advice columnists, of course.  And they write about relationships.  A majority of the time I think their advice is fine.  Sometimes they miss, but don’t we all?  However, sometimes they just don’t see or represent the male perspective on relationship.

Nobody Writes Me Letters is a column on relationship written from the masculine perspective.  It’s an experiment, but also a vehicle to actively shape masculine concerns in a modern age.  Specifically avoiding being reactionary (to feminism), I hope to help create a cohesive language and set of terms to shape masculine issues and communicate them effectively to be heard and acknowledged (much as feminism has done for women).

Read more about the Origin of the Column and terms for The New Vernacular.

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