A View from the Bubble

Musings from outside the mainstream.


A.J. Simonsen ~ A View from the Bubble

A.J. Simonsen writes from the perspective of living in a small college town.  The name was drawn from his ex-mother-in-law who exclaimed once, “You live in a bubble, here!”  Think Fran Drescher as you read that last line.  For the longest time A.J. really enjoyed his bubble and thought life was grand.

He still has a fond affection for the town.  However, some things have begun to wear on him.  The Ivory Tower, the privilege of education, and liberals who complain about the smallest thing as if it is the greatest injustice, all have contributed to his romantic notions for his small town to somewhat fade.

At one time, he identified as a conservative.  He gave that up when he realized he was only a conservative when among liberals.  Never one to fit in, he calls himself a moderate.  Not always successful, he strives to articulate opinion and ideas that speak to and help form a stronger, broader middle ground.

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