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Yoga Pants, more ass than we need to see

It’s such an easy target; a GOP lawmaker wants to ban yoga pants, suggesting they are indecent.  This leads to the usual predictable snarks.  Republicans; the party that wants small government yet also wants to regulate women’s pants.  Republicans; let’s bomb Iran but introduce the burka here in the USA.

Lots of laughs to be sure.  And let’s be clear, the law is stupid idea.

yoga pantsBut… what if you’d like there to be more modesty in our daily lives?  What if this isn’t derived from religious conviction but simply being tired of seeing every inch of some gorgeous and yet anonymous ass and thighs?

What if your teenage daughter is wearing yoga pants, and you happen to agree with the Republican lawmaker (yee gads!) and think they are inappropriate for school?  Do boys wear such clothing?  (And yes, I think they should pull up their damn pants.)

Would you call me puritan?  Would you reduce my suggestion, that we would be better served by more modest social norms, to my being sexually repressed?  Or that I can’t control myself?

Enough with the questions.

Look, I’m a guy and I’m sensitive to some of the things that are blamed on men.  For example, I’ve grown up hearing how women are both repressed and objectified by men.  And by suggesting yoga pants are inappropriate at the store or school, apparently I’m guilty of both.  (By the way, I’d just as soon not see a guy in speedo or spandex either.)

It’s amazingly ironic that women choose clothing, such as yoga pants, that reduces them to objects.  Yes, objects, and I contend that women are doing this to themselves.  And here’s why.  If we don’t know one another and so much is revealed, what else is there?  We can’t know your mind, and we can’t know who you are.  When so much is on display, until we do get to know each other, we’re objects.

I’ll admit it, if no one else will.

If I don’t know you and you’re wearing yoga pants, you can bet I’ve looked at your ass and your thighs.  And now I’m trying not to.  Regardless, if I do get to know you, I’d really rather not see that much of my friends and acquaintances, much less (or more as it were) of strangers.

I’ve heard plenty of women say they wear yoga pants because they are comfortable.  But somehow I can manage to wear comfortable clothes and not show off every contour of my derriere, much less my package.  And, outside of the gym, I just don’t see guys reveal as much of their bodies as women do so regularly.

There’s a great deal of criticism, usually from women, that our culture is shallow and obsessed with an ideal body image that really isn’t healthy or all that attainable to most of us.  But, when men offer their voice on these types of issues, that maybe too much body image is on display, it’s somehow out of line.

Well, whatever.  I’ll just say this; I may look at you, in your yoga pants, as an object.  But I didn’t choose your clothes and I didn’t present you as an object.  You did.

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