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I’m disappointed, Al.

My first reaction was not one of surprise.  Al Franken is a comedian.  Comedians test limits, they go too far.  But their satire and humor are invaluable to democracy.  They … Continue reading

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When Christians think criticism is persecution

What do we do about Roy Moore and the Christians who support him?  Some Christians say that Moore is being unfairly targeted because he has stood up for Christian principles.  … Continue reading

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Who’s at fault for how much is on display?

A recent incident at a local middle school illustrates the widening gap between common sense and knee jerk reaction. The basics of the story are as follows; on an eighty … Continue reading

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I’ve got stories too

I’m dating again and so I’m hearing women’s stories again.  Within the first few exchanges they’re telling me about men who are aggressive or looking for sex on the first date.  … Continue reading

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Choose your battles, Liberal

I don’t often agree with Charles Krauthammer, he’s another one of those caustic conservative commentators whose points are well made, but whose columns are little more than intellectual one-upmanship. He seldom offers a … Continue reading

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Militants in Malheur standoff acquitted

Gobsmacked.  That was my initial reaction to the not guilty verdict issued by the jury on the armed occupation of the Malheur reserve in Eastern Oregon.  It was interesting, though, … Continue reading

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Faith in Politics

In observing various social media feeds after the Vice Presidential debates the subject of faith drew my attention.  For me what is interesting is not what Mike Pence or Tim … Continue reading

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Trucks or Guns?

In this rebuttal we’ll poke holes in the notion that truck and gun are interchangeable.  The tragedy in Nice, where a truck was used, is not at all relevant to the discussion … Continue reading

July 17, 2016 · 1 Comment

The mansions are going to burn

I have an acquaintance who is a former sheriff who worked in the area between the suburbs and the city.  Over the course of thirty years he saw the city encroach … Continue reading

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After all, we are the oppressors.

It appeared on my Twitter feed and so I clicked; an article on male privilege.  The author, J. Brown, seems earnest.  He is confronting issues he sees in the world and examining the … Continue reading

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